Do-It-Yourself Projects

The Peasant is always messing around building one thing or another!

Music Projects

ThunderWave Percussion Ribbon Controller

SynthBend Synthesizer Controller

SynthCase Patchable Roadcase Synthesizer

SynthCase 2 Patchable Roadcase Synthesizer

SynthCase 3 Patchable Roadcase Synthesizer

Synth Testbox

Banjo Processor Synthesizer Interface

Vacuum Tube Modular Synthesizer

Vacuum Tube Ring Modulator

Solid State Percussion Synthesizer

BassBox++ Bass Drum Emulator

Control Voltage Pedal

Percussion Ribbon Controller

*FREE* Electronic Drums!

KrackleCats Crackleboxes

Loooonng Reverb

The Thermiomniverb

Stereo Power Amplifier

Discrete LED Color Organ

Fluorescent Light Organ

Alternative Energy Projects

Remote Power Using Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

How The Peasant Pumps Water Without Electricity

High Intensity LED Lamps for Portable Lighting

High Intensity LED Flashlights and Multi-Color Displays