Fun and Profit with Electronic Salvage!

The Electronic Peasant likes to get more enjoyment from DIY for less money, and sometimes uses obsolete parts as well. Salvaging old equipment can provide many important parts at little or no cost. And it's environmentally friendly to save this stuff from going to the landfill!

There's gold in them there things!!!

Older equipment like this is being disposed of in huge quantities, available for free or very inexpensively. It's simply amazing the quantity of good reusable parts here!

Hardware - Basic Building Blocks.

Every project needs hardware. And this stuff lasts virtually forever! The Peasant almost never has to spend money on this type of thing!

Hook-up wire

Why pay good money for wire? EVERYTHING electronic has wire inside, plus you get many different colors and sizes.

Power Supplies

Be careful of aging electrolytic capacitors, but otherwise, power to the people!


Other than burning them out, these things last virtually forever!

Electric Motors

VCRs and cassette decks are loaded with these!

Circuit Boards

Many different parts can be found here. Be careful of electrolytic capacitors which age quickly, especially with elevated temperatures. Resistors tend to change value permanently if overheated, but they are usually inexpensive enough to buy new anyways. Most other components are reusable if you are careful when removing them.

Projects Using Salvage Parts:

Bench Power Supplies

These were built using mostly salvaged parts!

Regulated power supply

The only new parts used in this supply are the electrolytic capacitors and the bare printed circuit board!

Virtually everything The Peasant builds uses recycled or salvaged parts to one degree or another.

For more examples of parts recycling, go to: The Peasant's DIY Project Page, in particular the VFD Ring Modulator project.